Soundtrack for lovers
Meor Shariman

VARIOUS ARTISTES: 'SOALNYA SIAPA?' The film, starring Erra Fazira and Afdlin Shauki, is one of the best local romantic comedies ever produced.

Being a romantic comedy, it's only appropriate that the film is complemented with a romanticsoundtrack. Of course, since Erra is also a singer, it's to the film's advantage for her to sing the self-titled theme song composed by Tatan with lyrics by Habsah Hassan.

'Soalnya Siapa?' is a ballad tailor-made for Erra, and showcases her talent as a singer. It's a radio-friendly number that everyone will enjoy listening to.

Those who have caught Afdlin Shauki's stage performances will be delighted by the comic's singing talent; he has two songs in the soundtrack.

The first is Kerana, an unplugged number with beautiful melody and lyrics. The other is Bukan Cinta, also a catchy ballad which is as good as the first one.

At first listen, I thought the singer was Anuar Zain, since Afdlin's vocals are quite similar to Anuar's. The major difference is that Anuar can hit higher notes than Afdlin. It is, however, a sample of what fans can expect from Afdlin's upcoming debut album.

The other tracks are old fare, especially selected to set the right mood for the film. Among them are Erra's Soal Hati and Perpisahan Hanya Waktu, DJ Dave's Masa Merubah Segala, Casey's Jangan Ada Benci and Aishah's Kemaafan Dendam Yang Terindah.

There is also a special version of 'Soalnya Siapa?' that features memorable dialogue from the film. Some will find it cute, while others who just want to enjoy the song will prefer the normal track. And yes, there is also a minus-one cut for those who want to test their vocal talents, or sing a love song to their loved ones.

Those who purchase the CD will realise that it's worth the money, since it includes a bonus VCD that features a music video of the film and a 30-minute documentary on the making of the movie.

I recommend the CD version and also this album as a Valentine's Day gift.